mature datingGo Dogging In The UK

Are you looking to Go Dogging in the UK , Dogging Finder has a wealth of information, members, locations, tips and advice about how and where to go dogging in the UK

Dogging Finder is here to help you find the utimate dogging experience, hookup with fellow doggers and meet up in the traditional dogging spots around the county. Check out our dogging locations guide here

Here are some tips
  • You must be an adult with an agreement existing between you and your partner.
  • Parties must remain anonymous.
  • The act must not be done in crowded places.
  • You must show respect to all the participating individuals.
  • Mobile phones are to be kept away to avoid being located or being a victim of blackmail.
  • If not invited, you are not allowed to meddle.
  • You should not carry valuables.
  • The relationship must not be brought into the home or everyday life.
  • There are codes or signals to be followed. An open door or window, welcomes participation and when only the car interior light is on, it means the couples want no interference.
  • You must use condoms.
  • It starts with a couple having sex in a car with others coming to watch or participate, if invited to do so.

It is not strange to find people disprove of the act but supporters say it helps spice up the sexual routine and breaks up a monotonous sexual routine.

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