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Of course as a man who like women meeting women for dogging outside is one of the main goals. And if you are an avid dogger you will have an ever growing list of dogging contacts in your phone or on your laptop. Well meet dogging finder,  a fantastic list of people who want to go dogging in your area.  Search dogging finder and find people by photo or by entering your postcode.  There are literally thousands of women in and around the UK who want to meet and go dogging.

Yes you need to contact women to go dogging and dogging finder is one of the few dogging sites which has an updated list (and photos) of women who love casual meetups in your town. Go dogging is not everyones cup of tea but to those who love the meetups its essential. Get the Dogging APP on your phone and start to meet women who go dogging and get them added to your contacts list today.

Below you will see a few samples of women who love to go dogging on our site. Get messaging them and find out when and where they are available to meet up.

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