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How many women in your area go Dogging ?


134 Women in your area have been dogging in the last month

Wouldnt it be great to actually know "how many women go dogging near me" and get the answer , but a quick way to see how many girls in your area are upto for a casual meetup and probably dogging would be an option would be to join dogging finder, its a superb way to meet the opposite sex and meetup for some fantastic sexual encounters.

Checkout our dogging locations guide and see what areas around you are available and regularly used for people to go dogging, you will be surprised if you didn't already know how many there are.

There are literally thousands of places all over the country where people go dogging, small car parks off the beaten track are the most popular places, old roads hardly used, country lanes in the forests are also very popular, but the car parks as a general rule are the best place to be when it comes to dogging.  Flashing headlights and regular meetups are popular , groups of people watching can also be a big turn on for some folk (not me it would put me off my stroke) Dogging is getting more popular and we hope it gets an increasing number even though covid has been very restrictive in 2020.

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