Dogging in Northumberland

Dogging Finder is here to help the doggers in Northumberland swap ideas, find locations and arrangements for dogging in Northumberland and around Northumberland. We literally have thousands of people in the area looking for people to go dogging with. You would be surprised how many people in your town actually subscribe and put up their details on our site. Its time to go and check them out. Dogging Finder can help put you in touch with people with matching personalities and likes in Northumberland  

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Dogging Locations in Northumberland

St Marys Lighthouse Whitley Bay Car parks

  • St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay,  Car-parks.

  • Alnmouth Beach to right of old boathouses

  • Alnmouth Beach. to right of old boathouses.

  • Bedlington A193

  • Bedlington A193 head down bank towards horton park on right.

  • Beehive lane carpak at the end of the beehive lane

  • Beehive lane, carpak at the end of the beehive lane.

  • Bellingham jubilee field car park

  • Bellingham jubilee field car park.

  • Brunswik big water country park

  • Brunswik big water country park.

  • Blyth beach

  • Blyth beach.

  • Cambois beach

  • Cambois beach.

  • Duridge bay

  • Duridge bay.

  • Hadston trading estate

  • Hadston trading estate.

  • Hedley Hall Woods

  • Hedley Hall Woods.

  • Newburn riverside

  • Newburn riverside.

  • Newcastle exhibition park behind the museum

  • Newcastle exhibition park behind the museum.

  • North Shields Fish Quay

  • North Shields Fish Quay.

  • Ponteland lloyds car park

  • Ponteland lloyds car park.

  • Sunderland follingsby lane

  • Sunderland, follingsby lane.

  • Sunniside park

  • Sunniside park.

  • Fifth Avenue Business Park Team Valley – Gateshead

  • Fifth Avenue Business Park, Team Valley – Gateshead.

  • Tynemouth Priory Car Park

  • Tynemouth Priory Car Park.