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Dogging Locations in UK

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Are you looking for the nearest dogging location / dogging sites to you, choose your county and find out which are the latest dogging spots around your area. As You can see there are hundreds (if not thousands of sites in and around the UK)  Let us know of any new locations you may have spotted using the Add New Location Button below and lets keep everyone informed of the best spots around.

Over the years Dogging sites tend to change from place to place.  This is because once they become quite popular, the land owners can take action and move people on from the spots.  However some places have been active for years, (if not hundreds of years) as their popularity over the years stays on a level. Be sure to read some of our FAQs when it comes to dogging and follow some of the guidelines.

If you have a new location that you have found to be popular, use the green button below to let us know where it us and we can add it to the ever increasing list of sites around the country.

Local Dogging Locations

Are you looking for people who go dogging in your local area. With our neat map and location search tools you can easily find people near to you who are looking to go dogging in your area.

Some More About Dogging Locations

If you looking for some dogging spots in our around where you live then you have come to the right place, choose your country from the above lists and take a look at the latest hot spots where people love to go dogging. With varied locations like car parks, fields, mountain and lakes we are building our dogging sites list and more and more locations get added everyday.  If you have a suggestion about a new location you know about, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will add your location to the lists.  We are also working with our members to build out the locations so you may in the future be able to reach out to people who have registered for each location and potentially arrange meet-ups and swap contacts and photos etc.  You will find each location has a notification button allowing you to register your interest in that location, and coming soon you will be able to add a small profile which will allow people (with your say so) to see your small profile.  We hope in the coming month to expand on this feature by allowing photos and dogging meeting requests where registered people can actively see meet-up times and schedule meetups.

The Future is coming

Most dogging websites dont really bother with locations, but as you know dogging meetup and locations are the heartbeat of the community, and knowing who is meeting where and when is the key to the dogging world.  We know that lots of doggers actually do join our dogging finder site and meet up with other members in their area, some of which are doggers and some just want casual sex hookups..  We feel our dogging community can handle both and lets be fair having the odd hookup which is casual is good for the soul just as much as going to the local car park and watching people make out.

Dogging Sites
It is a huge problem at the moment for doggers to find a respectable site to go dogging.  Many of the traditional sites get locked up or blocked up, also cameras have been installed in some places to stop the traditional practice.  However there are still thousands of places around the UK where people get together on a regular basis so take a look around our site and see if you can spot a site which is local to you.