UK Dogging - Whats the Crack


Are you looking to go dogging in the UK , well here is a short guide to how you can get into UK dogging, and what the best dogging locations are to help you get started.

Dogging in its name is a british slang term which basically means "engaging in sex in public places" There maybe two participants or there maybe more.  The Term Dogging was penned by the Sunday Herald in which it said - The term dogging arrived from when Men used to be "dogged" for spying on couples having sex outdoors.  The men would "dog" the couples every move.  People also related "dogging" to taking the dog for a walk and then engaging in a sexual encounter ourdoors. There for named "dogging" .  for reference Please see 


Every town, city and village have there very own dogging locations, they are very well known to the local people.  Check here for the most popular dogging locations in your area


Finding Like-Minded Doggers

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