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A Superb Online site for dogging in the USA

Dogging Finder has got to be one of the best resources available to checkout people in your local area in the United States.  Dogging if you didnt know is a slang name for having open sex in public or general places like car parks ...or watching others do so. There could be more than two people involved so it could be deemed as swinging outside !!

Dogging In The USA

Dogging Finder is available is all areas throughout the USA , take a look below and find people in your area.

Dogging is a sexual activity for the brave, adventurous, and creative ones. While the act is relatively popular in the UK and other regions of the world, dogging in the United States is still yet to be accepted by most adults. Sex is great, but getting it on in a somewhat weird place takes the action to a whole new level.

If you are in the United States and you are thinking to take your sex game to another level, below are some places to consider. However, it is worth noting that having sex in such locations is at your own risk.

On Hawaii's Kalalau Beach

At the end of Kauai's popular 11-mile Napali Coast hike is a Valhalla. Stunning Kalalau Beach has been a hideout for off-the-grid hippies and artists since the sixties.

At Burning Man

There are three things that you will likely see at Burning Man - overweight men wearing nothing but a t-shirt, first-timer freak out, and of course, a couple having sex. Whether it is anarchy, drugs, or weird costumes, the Burning Man seems to have lots of strange aphrodisiacs. Consequently, you tend to see several quickies inside an “art car”.

In the High Desert of Utah

The remote canyons along the Utah-Arizona border can be very romantic, with the luxury accommodations of Amangiri making the spot an excellent location for dogging.

Under the Stars

Having sex under the starts gives entirely new meaning to the campground of Davis Mountains State Park, outside Fort Davis, Texas. The park has great campsites and is only about 12 miles from McDonald Observatory, built nearly 75 years ago. You can have your own little star party and add some twist to the party by hooking up with your partner.

Overlooking the Bright Lights of a Big City

While every city might have its own “point of inspiration,” not all of them can be viewed from a vantage angle. Below are some of the best.

San Francisco – The top of the Telegraph Hill just above the Castro district gives a great view of the city, and of the Bay Bridge.

Los Angeles – Half the TV car commercials are filmed in Griffith Park above Los Angeles. This is due to its winding rural roads and killer downtown views. Park after dark, and then have some fun along one of its many trails to avoid getting a visit from a nosy ranger.

New York City – There is really no better place to get the best views of Manhattan except for one of its bridges. While the Brooklyn Bridge might not be the best place to pull off a little clandestine quickie due to the crowd and heavy monitoring by the police, the pedestrian side of the Williamsburg Bridge can be a great place for some dogging action as it gets nice and quiet late at night.

Dogging in the USA looks to be coming off age and with other parts of the world getting on the craze, it would not take long before adults in the USA start jumping on the trend.

Dogging Locations in the USA

Dogging is the act of getting it on the public, in most cases, while others are watching or also copulating with their partners. While some people might feel panicky about this, others find it fun and exciting to have sex in public. The truth about dogging is that most people tend to shy away from talking about it for different reasons. This makes it a bit difficult to know if people are actually doing it as much as we see in movies. While dogging might be particularly pronounced in the United States, the act has become increasingly popular in other parts of the world including the United Kingdom.

While dogging remains a daydream to many, below are some of the most popular locations for outdoor shenanigans.

The Park

This is probably the commonest dogging location not only in the United States but across the globe. Over 20 percent of doggers admit to getting it on in a park for different reasons. Regardless of the reason for the popularity of parks amongst doggers, it remains one of the best dogging locations in the country.

Parking Lots

Parking lots or garages also ranks amongst one of the commonest locations in the United States. Dogging in these locations often occur in parked cars, which is truly the all-American pastime. The great ambiance of parking lots and the availability of cars make parking lots a good location for dogging.

The Beach

Beaches rank as the third on the list of dogging locations in the United States. Beaches are not only great for the sunbathing but can also be a great location to have sex for the adventurous ones.

Public Hiking Trail

It will really take a lot of bravery for you to pull this up. However, if you have a pioneer spirit and you are of course not scared of bears, public hiking trail might be great for you.

The Movies

Sex at the movies sounds great and somewhat exciting. However, it is only practicable for the creative ones and persons with lots of guts as it requires creative positioning, especially if you keep it to the back row.

At Work

While having sex at work might not be particularly termed as dogging, it is a great place to get it down for the brave ones. It is also worth noting that having sex at work could be consequential. Therefore, you want to be as careful as possible.

Public Bathroom

While this might not be particularly classy, it is almost always available and offers a great venue for a quickie.

The list of locations listed above is just some of the top dogging locations in the United States of America. Other dogging locations you might want to try out include a public pool and a public hot tub.

The lesson here is to ensure that you and your partner are brave and creative enough to have sex in the public, particularly in some of the weirdest locations. Dogging can be fun, but it requires ingenuity and bravery.