More About Dogging APPS

Are you looking for an app to take dogging on the road with you. Well !! there are not many dogging apps out there on the market to be fair.. Developing a Dogging APP is not an easy task, the networks like apple and google and windows do not like Adult Dogging apps. Thats not to say they wont allow adult natured apps, its the fact it can take months and months to get through their stringent authorisation processes.

Our Dogging App Is Now Available

So what dogging app should i use. ?

Whilst dogging apps are few and far between there are lots of apps like Dogging Finder which are designed to work on the move, yes they may lack a decent stand alone app funtionality, but that does not detract from the fact you can meet anybody just about anywhere using the APP.

Dogging Apps What is Possible

Well if we were to design a dogging app what features would we love to see, heres a list of features that we think would be fantastic on a dogging APP.

  • Membership (Yes a list of local and national members)
  • Locations (An uptodate fluid list of dogging locations)
  • Meeting Request (Create a meeting, location and date)
  • Invite friends (Add friends to the meeting requests
  • Preferences (Dont want to be dogging with a 8ft block if you are 4ft (or do you)
  • How Many Indicator (Tells you how many people who said they were attending are)
  • Dogging Chat - Keep the dogging going online before and after the events
  • Video Photos - Share dogging photos and videos with your preffered members
  • Out of Town (Meet up with fellow doggers from around the country at the click of  a button)

There is probably more and more features we could add to the APP, let us know by emailing us to  we hope that we can get an APP for IOS and Android up and running soon.

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